Renegade Handmade stocklist

Before leaving the UK, I had 3 separate pieces of good news,

The first is yet to be 'finalised' so best not reveal as I don't want to jinx it, the 2nd was a bulk order of my Picnic card & the 3rd is that Littleclouds has a new stocklist in Chicago, USA! 
Obviously its always exciting & wonderful when I get new stocklists anywhere, but this is my first in the USA & as my brother happens to live in Chicago I think its cool that he can go in there & see his little sisters goodies. Check out Renegade Handmade here.


KitschenSink said...

Triple well done... look forward to hearing more about the first soon!

Orjana said...

hey! your totally international now!
hows things going with you? x x x


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