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A while while ago at the Craftwerk fair, I sold quite a few of my cassette tape wallets, one to a photographer who has worked with the likes of Alexa Chung (so pretty she makes your teeth ache) and Amy winehouse (does anything really need to be said?) and one to an couple who later only turned out to be the editiors of NudeMagazine
It goes to show craft shows aren't just for the day, you never know where things can lead, I remember some bad bad shows where I made hardly anything but then I went home and I would get an email saying how much they love my work, I mean those kind of things can really make your day! 

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Rowan | KitschenSink said...

That's really cool. I have just joined their facebook group, would consider selling at one of theirs (ooh London, how it scares me!)


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