MId pause review

Ahh to be a dog in hot weather!
Is it normal for dogs to sleep all day? I thought it was cats that did this?!
Right now as I type, he is snoring with his one beady eye on me and the other closed. Special talents my boy.

Now it may seem like I'm not up to much Littleclouds wise nowadays and sure I have my distractions but the massive delay isn't entirely down to that.
First off sourcing supplies here is really difficult as I can't google anything local and 8 out of 1o places won't deliver internationally and walking into a shop and asking for something very specific isn't straight forward when you don't know exactly how to say it.
Secondly, I had lots of trouble with my new sewing embroidery combo machine. It is a beauty to run, its crazy good compared to the crapheap that I used to have but the embroidery software doesn't work on Macs so I* went through a headache full journey of doing this and doing that to finally get it to work! (*technically, you could say it was my BF who did it all but meh!)
Lastly screen printing DIY stylee is proving more troublesome here, partly because I'm out of wack with it all (practice really does make perfect) but also the weather is having an effect, the heat seems to dry the ink in the screen quicker & the humidity is making me less patient and much like sewing, sometimes if your not in the mood, you just can't force it.

On a more positive note, the new website is coming along nicely, the new version is more colourful and fun whereas the old one was more artsy and hopefully this time around it will be easier to update as I'm getting help this time around.

On a even more positive note, I am flying to Thailand tomorrow!
Just for the week, Bangkok and Ko Samet so please imagine me with my toes deep in white sand come Wednesday teehee!

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