new designs - airplane posties

I LOVE receiving post, especially long mug stained letters but because of email, texts and the general techmological ti
mes we live in, my letters are now far and few between :(

So in my aid of snail mail, something I've been working on is another set of postiecards where they are half postcard, half letter/card to make it all the more f
un, they are like mini art gifts with added messages.

The first set I did was just a remake & what I will refer to as the original. (I can't remember if I'd previously blogged about these so apologies if I have)

The 2nd is in works with a few test runs but they are looking good! Sneak peak in its digital stage.

This is the front, the inside will be like the original starting with 'Dearest'....
If you are the sort to have attention to detail, you might notice that instead of the classic blue sticker 'Airmail Par Avion' it says 'Littlemail, par nuages', which *should* read via clouds.

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Rowan | KitschenSink said...

Oh I love, Love, LOVE them!


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