New Characters - Pregnant Pam & Sunburnt Sally

edit: Changed clothes

Meet Pam - Your first-time expectant mother. She was that friend who never wanted children, never awwed over that cute baby and instead wanted a lifetime of adventure but alas, life is never what you plan.
Not quite the glowing mum to be, she instead feels forever sweaty and flustered but at least with the excuse of eating for 2, is able to divulge her appetite for peanut butter with crushed short bread sarnies!

Meet Sunburnt Sally -
Sally is that grumpy Auntie who came on board with your annual family holiday at Wells-on-sea at the last minute. She forgets all the essentials, packs waay too many hats and shoes and snores like a *itch in the caravan.
By day 2 what always seemed like a good idea at the start turns in a slow lingering daymare with those awkward conversations starting and ending in moans about weather - 'oooh its too blooming hot/cold/wet/grey/dull' (delete as appropriate)

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