Spoonflower ll / new character dolls

My proper spoon flower order arrived the other day !

(go here for the SF swatches I received)

They came out a bit smaller than I t
hought but the quality is very very good and although the shipping took longer than expected (through no fault of SF) I was really happy with their customer service - friendly, efficient and to-the-point-helpful.

The Quilting weight fabric I choose was quite thin so quite see through, its absolutely fine for what I'm using it for but just something to bear in mind for everyone else out there.


Calvin_T said...

Hey i really like these. What weight did you use for the material. You mentioned it was quite see through?

Littleclouds said...

thanks! it came out really well, the print quality is very good if you follow their guidelines and use vector based artwork.
It was their quilting weight fabric (100% cotton, 4.4 0z)
It was fine for what I wanted it for because it was going to have white wadding inside but if you place this fabric on top on coloured fabric you would see the colour fabric where it is white and unprinted.

Hope that helps, ask if there is anything else you want to ask!

Calvin said...

Ah ok. Yea that would bug me.
Have you tried anymore pattern cutters?

I want to get some work printed and make hoodies out of them!

Would you recommend spoonflower?



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