Home Sweet home booklets

I put my HSH paper ring design on these cool notepads you get here in Hong Kong and I'm really happy with them, the paper inside is yummy!
I've just noticed that a lot of my item colours nearly all coordinate, I tells you its not even intentional !
I want to develop this into a month planner or something more functional eventually, any ideas of what else I could develop it into?

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Anonymous said...

These are really sweet! The little houses make me think address book but the 'home sweet home' makes me think of a folder to organise household related paperwork. I also like your monthly planner idea!

Thanks for entering my giveaway as well. Your move to Hong Kong sound very exciting and inspiring! I've traveled a fair bit but have mainly been back in Australia for the past 5 years so packing up and relocating is a little bit scary! But in a good way. :)


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