Soho - Village on the hill festival

Photo from DiscoverHongKong website.

I got invited to sell at the Soho Wine & Dine Festival (they will be an arts and crafts part to the festival) which I think is an annual event here in Hong Kong, I'm not sure what it will be like as I've never been or heard about it but I've been told the whole event is expecting over 100,000 so needless to say I am *a little bit* nervous.

Because I've never ever sold at any event anywhere near to this size, I just don't know what to expect and how much more I should make and take, I mean how many people is 100,000 anyway, it sounds like millions to me!

There is also going to be press packs and other fancy sounding things like that going to print about it all and I've sent some photos to be included, if any of my photos get chosen, it will be my very first piece of 'proper' (none internet) press so that alone is pretty exciting !

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