Little finds - shegreetstheday

Photo and item by Shegreetstheday

I know brooches leave holes in your clothes and that,
but I've just never been much of a necklace girl, how can you be when you look at these ridiculously cute brooches I just bought from SheGreetstheDay.
I am tempted to try and turn these into earrings somehow so that I can wear them together, I am indecisive and greedy like that.


Jane D. said...

Hi there! Thank you so much for posting about the pins. Also, thank you for your purchase!
right now i'm putting together your order and i'll be mailing it to you soon (:

{ps} i mentioned you in my blog post as well. love your work!

buffet said...

Hi there littlecloud!!! :)
nice to meet you and yes really welcome to HK,
how is the life in here?

we are so happy you like our blog just like i love your shop too, i do saw your shop in etsy before you talk to us, but i didn't look into the profile page so i didn't know you actually from London. how amazing it is!!

please drop by our blog anytime, we love chatting :P
and enjoy hk life!!

Rowan | KitschenSink said...

Absolutely gorgeous find!


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