2 week recap - image heavy yo!

Woah its been nearly 2 weeks since I last blogged, can't believe how quick time flies.

Briefly recapping things I've been up to
  • Finished my catalogue - finally wahaaaay!
  • Got a freelance writing job (although yet to start & it is nothing glamorous!)
  • Participated in a swap with lucy_davidson
  • Been working on the following

  • Sent my airplane posties to an postal exhibition which didn't get there in time :( (1, 2, 3, 4)
  • looked at 10 flats because we are moving asap. They were all mostly tiny :S I got shown 'the master bedroom' in one place and actually laughed-out-loud...well more of a choking back the tears, disbelief type of lol.
  • donated 20 badges plus the worldwide postage to HeartsForHaiti
  • bought cute red gingham earrings from HeartsForHaiti shop (earrings made by OddGirlCreates)
  • received my first custom order from a lovely customer. Going to make a 5 character plush pillow, its going to be big & huggable! Excited about seeing it completed :D
  • got a tattoo ........ of the temporary nature :D (see more on my flickr)
  • and that is about it *I think*
In future news we are going to foster another pooch and hopefully by this weekend, the idea of having a happy little fluffy thing sleeping by my feet again really makes me happy so I think it is about time.

Hope everyone is tip top !

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow, you rock! You finished your catalog. Seriously, that is a huge feat in itself!

I hope the doggie fostering goes to plan. I am trying desperately not to think about how much i am going to miss my little guys when i leave. :(


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