Hello to my first post of 2010.

I have tried to post numerous times but my internet has been mega slow to the point where its dangerous for my Mac & I to be in the same room.
I get angry and then I want to stomp my hands on something like a cavelady. I never said I was classy now.

Everything I wanted to post about feels so long ago now that its like 'pffff' but in short.

I went away and loved it > pics to yet be on flickr
I came back & slept a record 13 hours > I also loved it
Set myself some resolutions (1st time in my life!) > so far keeping to 1.5 of them
I've been in a productive slump since > Not liking it and don't know how to get out of it.

BUT one thing I have been doing is working on a catalog because this year I want to be proactive in getting more stockists instead of my usual waiting for them to find me and I don't really want to point people to Etsy etc as not everything is for wholesale.

As a side note, its been incredibly cold here, we even bought a heater because HK homes don't have central heating systems and when you have tiled floors it gets chillier inside than outside but looking at the weather its actually 14 degrees so to even imagine what it would be at home is insane (in the membrane, insane in the braaaain)


Anonymous said...

Lol! You just got that song in my head!!!

Sounds like a good idea to put together a catalog together for approaching stockists. I am soooo bad at that kind of thing... the whole 'i'm great', 'my stuff is great' kind of thing. Maybe I should try to work on that too once i get life sorted out.

P.s. Don't worry about the productive slump... i find the more you force it the less it happens.

Rowan | KitschenSink said...

My internet is the same! Angerrrrrr!!

Great to have you back!

When I approach stockists, I have a 'set' in Flickr I use, so I can just email a link... just an idea?



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