something in the pipeline

Been playing around screen printing these doily designs but its not coming out as well as I'd like so might be back to the drawing board to improve these but other then that, still working on my catalogue, I keep waiting to add new ideas to it but I realised (in the shower of all places!) that basically I'm always going to have new ideas so its never ending & one of my resolutions this year was to stop faffing around, being indecisive & dragging things out/being more productive so I've made it my goal tomorrow to try and finish it so that I can send it out by the end of this week.


Anonymous said...

I need to stop faffing around too! I like those doilies a lot :) You're definitely on to something with those!

April said...

such cute doilies!

ps: i guess i'd call my shoes furry moccasins. i bought them at payless for cheap and they're so warm and comfy!

April said...

pps: i tagged you!


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