7 things I love

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So I got tagged by April from therighthypotenuse where I have to list 7 things I love and then list 7 people to do the same so here we go....

1) dogs in silly clothes
I don't think its possible to not at least smile from seeing a cute dog in funny clothes, it should perhaps be used as a form of therapy even!

2) sleeping
Even though I can't sleep easily most nights, I do love sleeping. I think it is really important for health both physically and mentally. If I ever go to bed annoyed or angry I always wake up fine, completely forgetting the negativity from the night before, although this can't be said for when I'm worried about something but 2 out of 3 is pretty good !

3) demonstrations
Not of the rioting kind rather those demonstrations they do in supermarkets and shops where they demonstrate a new fancy product and then at the end tell you they are offering it at a discount only for today. It doesn't even have to be a real life demonstration I even like the videos. If I'm lost in a big store, this is usually where I can be found on the outskirts going 'oooh wooow coool' a lot. My bf always rolls his eyes and tries to drag me away, the fool!

4) TV / Cinema
I've never been much of a reader of books or even magazines, I like to skim too when I read :S so movies and programs are my way of escaping reality when need be.

5) laughing
When I start to get wrinkles I hope they were from laughing and not from frowning.

6) foods that are small
Dim sum, sushi, tacos, biscuits with cheese and dip, sandwiches cut into little triangles. For some reason food is just better when its small, plus it makes me feel like a big scary giant which is always interesting.

7) post
The idea of snail mail is quite romantic, a piece of someone sent to another crossing oceans and more, touched and stamped on by various postal workers, I love how they are a physical reminder of someone essentially saying 'hello'.

And now here are the 7 I've tagged - shagpile, thelostearring, kitschensink, shegreetstheday , peasandneedles, Lipeony & AislingLaw go team!

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Anonymous said...

How about cats in clothes? Ha ha. See my latest post and tell me what you think!

I adore sleeping. It's one of my favorite things to do :)

Small foods are the best--especially because I make a mess otherwise!


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