Happy Halloween !

SUPER NOODLES! I don't especially celebrate Halloween but I do LOVE the dressing up side of it so this year we couldn't resist now that we have a dog and one that doesn't dislike clothing! (not sure if he likes it, I think he is indifferent to it but enjoys the treats that came with it). More photos here.

We also went to Ocean Park during the day (didn't know about the halloween evening special event :((( ) and although I've been a gazzilion times now the views there never fail to take my breath away.

The weather is absolutely stunning here right now, everyday is a comfortable 22-26 degrees with blue skies, strong sun and wind yet would you believe me if I were to tell you that lots of people are wearing scarves, hats and winter coats?

Its insane, I feel hot just looking at them, just another funny thing about Hong Kong I guess, if I were good at drawing, I think I would have to make some sort of comic/graphic novel/guidebook about it, there are just SO many things that are quite quizzical and interesting to see or know about!

For example; Most modern high rise buildings will intentionally miss out the 4th floor (I think 14th floor too) because the word 4 sounds like 'die / death' in Cantonese and the 8th floor is attractive (not sure why, something to do with luck or wealth) meaning 8th floor flats are more expensive because of this superstition.
Also the reason why a lot of prices are $48, $98, $8888 etc

Lastly! I'll be organising a giveaway soon as I passed the 200th sale mark on my Etsy so stay tuned.....


Teasemade said...

I'm not a dog person, but oh my goodness how good does the little fella look as a superhero. Such a good costume! Love the HK anecdotes.

Jo Cheung said...

oh yes know what you mean about the number four thing. Although Cantonese in general if you don't pronounce it correctly it can mean many other things....still trying to keep up with it!

Carolina said...

That is so funny and cute! He looks so adorable!


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