Memories to not forget

Not dissimilar to guy we saw when we went Ice skating apart from our guy slammed into a wall...very very loudly. 
I keep seeing all these funny, amazing, interesting things but because I'm cameraless they will just fade in my crappy memory. (can't find the battery charger, I'm hoping its in my shipping!) 

It makes me sad. 

Like yesterday I saw a woman riding a child's bike with about 5 funny looking toy type dogs following her & then in her bike basket was a CAT! The poor cat was clinging on to dear life like it was a roller coaster & it even had a coat on (all the dogs did but this doesn't seem abnormal anymore) was soo funny. Okay a bit cruel as an afterthought but visually it was good. comedy gold good.

And we saw little tortoises in a park pond, was soo exciting! I was shrieking out of excitement & obviously because I look chinese, they don't know I'm 'foreign' so just looked at me thinking 'wtf' 

It is cold today, I wish I packed my scarf. It seems silly but I think of it hanging on the back of my door all disused & abandoned :( 

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Duffman said...

You forget to mention that the turtles were eating noodles :O!


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