Shum Shui Po - sewing district

Today I visited this sewing, fabric, jewellery stuff district in Shum Shui Po which was an eye opener. Even though HK isn't a particularly crafty, DIY place there is a lot of supply which doesn't seem to make sense to me, not that I am complaining!
As we went late, a lot of the shops had already shut so will have to explore more next time (with my camera!) but just imagine streets of shops that are stacked top to bottom with JUST LACE! I wanted to rolled around in it! 
The amount of bead, gems, wire, chains & general jewellery shops was immense, almost a pity that I don't really make jewellery :S

Also went to some charity shops, far & few between with not any bed linens :(


Jo said...

Really?? I didn't know that there are craft supplies in hk!! could you let me know the street names?? I'm visiting hk next month!

Littleclouds said...

hey if you email me at meow (at) littleclouds.co.uk I can send you some links / shops / areas of interest.

What kind of things are you after?


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