I'm in Love

With the amazing, amazing stationery shops here. They are complete treasure troves! The one by me sells everything from kites, hula hoops, a million types of different pens & pencils to stamp kits, neon velcro, googgly eyes, brooch bits to cellophane bundles! 

You get the idea. And because I still float around like a tourist I notice these tiny little differences in detail that seem so novel to me. To add to the treasure troveness, they are always crammed tip & top with stuff, like your 99p corner shop but much more so. 

Funnily enough it wasn't any sort of stationery we bought from the shop, it was a badminton rackets. He is also trying to talk me into ping ponging too.....oh dear!

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KitschenSink said...

You must, Must, MUST take photo's of these!


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