safe & sound in Hong Kong

quick post before my battery dies, we just got broadband yay!

It's pretty crazy here, its busier than I ever remember, its like people were reproducing to the max in between us last coming & now. 

The flat is pretty depressing but we are bringing it it's glimmer of hope & is already on its way to looking much more decent, our tinnny bathroom is baby yellow and baby blue...I don't know if I love it or hate it, I feel like both everyday. 

We practically just have a bed & a fridge & living out of our suitcases because we are still painting but its kind of fun, exciting in the Benjamin button way minus the numpty as well...they were animals in that film! 

right batt is going & it is lunch time here so off to find some food. The food here is so so good, like bringing back sexy good.


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